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Safety Response Training


In three short years, the Emergency Response Training & Certification Association (ERTCA)(501c6) has established itself as the innovator of a new paradigm for standardized public safety training, education and credentialing.

ERTCA’s strategy is anchored by four critical tenants.

  • The field of public safety is undergoing historic systemic changes requiring more effective, safe and standardized practices, policies, and equipment that reduce risks confronting public safety professionals and the public.

  • Public safety professionals and volunteers deserve high-quality, accessible, contemporary and consistent training provided at no cost to the practitioner or agency.

  • Public and private stakeholders must play a central role in supporting, funding and directing public safety training, education, activities, and outcomes.

  • Those committed to the rigors and risks of working in the public safety sector should be readily availed scholarships and other financial awards/considerations that ensure equitable access to effective and innovative training and education pathways that lead to a career rich with opportunities.


    ERTCA’s “Partners” is made up of public safety stakeholder organizations and companies, including: Mansfield University, Mansfield University Public Safety Institute (MUPSTI), The Coolidge Center for Public Safety, The Coolidge Foundation, PASSHE Foundation, The William T. Piper Foundation, Pennsylvania Department of Education, AT&T, C&N Bank, First Citizens Community Bank and more than 20 innovation partners located in eight states.

    ERTCA’s Partners coordinates its fund-raising, grant and corporate initiative strategies to serve the needs of public safety professionals, law enforcement cadets and the public. Since 2020, ERTCA’s Partners has:

  • Provided more than $300,000 in scholarships, free room/board and program and administration support to ACT 120 cadets and staff at Mansfield University Public Safety Training Institute (MUPSTI). In 2021, the Academy doubled in size.

  • Conducted hundreds of hours of VR simulator training to hundreds of law enforcement professionals throughout Pennsylvania.

  • Developed mobile training programs for virtual reality and EMT training that will visit every county in Pennsylvania in 2023.

  • Been gifted more than $500,000 in real estate by The William T. Piper Foundation for establishment of The Coolidge Center.

  • Received nearly $2M in grant funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

  • Received $440,000 in RACP funds for expansion of VR/AR and distance learning capabilities at The Coolidge Center in Mansfield, PA.

  • 2023 & BEYOND:

    At the heart of ERTCA’s past and future successes are the partnerships we have formed and will continue to form. Partnerships provide invaluable insights into the most efficacious, safe and prevention focused tools being developed for law enforcement and other public safety industries.

    To achieve this, resistance to change (even for the better) will need to be overcome through inclusivity and a willingness to examine those firmly entrenched ideas that may be past their prime or simply ineffective.

    ERTCA’s free workforce education programming is conducted both in-person and via distance learning in an effort to standardize educational outcomes that produce more reliable data that reduce the overall risks to public safety.

    Tioga County Commissioner, Erick Coolidge, meets with PA State Representative, Clint Owlett, during the demonstration of the advanced security and technology at Warrior Run High School.

    ERTCA has identified the following companies and organizations as partners that
    are focused on the future of emergency management and law enforcement innovation.